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    We are very social, and living in a place that has nice neighbors was a must. This was high on our criteria when we were out looking for apartments for rent in Nashville TN. I like an on site gym too. My wife likes a big swimming pool. I swim occasionally, but she swims practically every day. The apartments we were looking at also had a coffee and tea bar. This is helpful in socializing with new neighbors. The granite countertops and hardwood or stained concrete floors were also a very nice option to consider.

    Another key selling point was having maintenance at the apartment complex. No more calling a maintenance service company to do any needed work. The washer and dryer, big garden tub, stainless steel appliances and more were all big sellers to the both of us. We could hardly wait to sign the lease. A big part of choosing to live at our new apartment was that our dog was welcomed, and they have a Bark Park for him to play at and get plenty of exercise. The apartment also has an outdoor kitchen with a really nice grill. This is a great option for entertaining one evening when you have guests over.

    We have solid wood cabinetry in our apartment as well as stainless steel appliances. Our last place did not have a dishwasher or garbage disposal. It is really nice to now have both of them. We are big on preserving our future, so having a recycling area is a really nice touch for us. That big garden tub in the bathroom of our new place is just calling out for me to take a long soak in it. The apartment we are leaving only has a shower. This is going to be a whole new experience for us.

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